Month: June 2018

13 June, 2018 admin 0 Comment

What is the difference between CD Duplication versus CD Replication?  CD Duplication in simplest terms means to create a copy of  a CD by burning a CD-R.   Whereas CD Replication means pressing or stamping the data on the CD.  The process of stamping of data requires us to melt the plastic and mold it against a die (Stamper) to create microscopic grooves representing your data in the plastic CD substrate just like in the Vinyl records.   So, is there any difference in how my music sounds if I duplicate vs replicate? Short answer is, there is no difference in how the music sounds.  A CD contains music data in a binary format represented as a string of Zeros and Ones.  In case of a CDR the laser dye inside a CDR creates the zeros and ones when a CDR is burned by a laser beam inside your CD-R drive (also caller burner). When the CD is pressed or replicated the Zeros and Ones… Read More


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