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Adobe Illustrator CS6 or earlier versions
Quark XPress 6.1 or earlier versions
Adobe Photoshop CS6 or earlier versions
Adobe InDesign CS6 or earlier
We cannot accept PDF files or low resolution JPEG files (must be at least 300+dpi).

  • CMYK for 4 color process or Pantone colors. Mention if white flood needed.
  • RGB files have to be converted to CMYK and some colors may look different after the conversion.
  • Minimum output resolution of 300 dpi.
  • All text must be saved as outlines or must include font files with graphic files.
  • MAC fonts must be stuffed to be usable, zero length files are unusable.
  • If using our templates or not, include all layers, do not flatten the file.
  • Minimum type size should be 5 pt and Min. reversed type size should be 6 pt.
  • Minimum line thickness is 0.5 pt.
  • Serif typefaces are not recommended for small font sizes.
  • Trapping a trapping spread of 0.2 pts. is best on spot color projects. Without trapping, slight registration variations during printing cause gaps wherever a lighter object is surrounded by a darker color. Adding a 0.2 outline of the same color rectifies the problem.
  • All placed EPS, JPG or TIFF files must be embedded or included with the file. Be sure all linked files are included. The file should be to size
  • When uploading files to FTP site or burning to a CD please ensure that all files have data – do not include zero length files (specially MAC files).

Normally things run pretty smoothly, but CD manufacturing is a complicated, involved process which requires a great deal of attention to detail. We’ve compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make with the hope that these things won’t happen to you.

Top 10 Art Mistakes

  1. Improperly set up disc art
  2. Missing fonts in Quark XPress, or fonts not outlined in Adobe Illustrator
  3. Submitting low resolution files for output, such as 72dpi .gif and .jpg files. Graphic files must be 300 dpi or higher.
  4. Not using Arcube templates
  5. No bleed or not enough bleed on printed material
  6. Sending RGB files. Instead, files should be converted to CMYK
  7. Running type too close to edges and folds (cutting/folding mockups are always recommended)
  8. Not including print-outs with your orders
  9. Not thoroughly proofing your master and/or art (proofing is the biggest time/money/headache saver of all)
  10. Putting the art files on the audio/rom master disc, which is something we see sometimes with CD-ROM projects.
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