Benefits of Using USB Drives and How They Can Improve Your Business

28 November, 2014 admin 0 Comment
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A USB flash drive – also referred to as USB drive, flash drive, thumb drive, pen drive and key drive – is an exemplary option for storing and transferring any type of file from one computer to another. They are extremely durable as well as reusable, which makes them relatively inexpensive. Using a USB flash drive does not require any special software installation and they are also compatible with both PC and Mac computers. Because USB flash drives and external drives are becoming more prevalent in this technologically driven era that we live in, disc drives are now an optional feature in the newest computer and laptop models; which can give the customer increased hardware options. USB duplication services are available online with thousands of different drives, ranging in color and style, to choose from. Here are a few other convincing benefits:

Storage Capacity – Typically the capacity for a USB flash drive ranges from 128MB to 32GB, but there are some that can hold even more. If the amount of data that you’re typically working with, or wanting to transfer and store, is less than that of an external hard drive then using a USB flash drive would be an appropriate solution. Keep in mind for comparative purposes that a dual-layer, double-sided DVD (which has one of the largest capacities for discs available) can hold around 17GB.

Durability and Security – USB flash drives are compact, and convenient to use when you’re on the go. Instead of lugging around an external hard drive, which can be more fragile, wouldn’t you much rather use a data storage device that can be attached to your car keys? You also don’t have to worry about scratches, or dropping it, damaging your data. There are a slew of programs available to protect your computer, and the data itself through encryption, when using a USB drive. You can also control who has access to opening certain files and set limits on users when copying files.

Brand Impressions – USB duplication and pressing services are available to provide you with a flashy flash drive! The style, color, size and design of a USB drive are completely customizable by you. For example, if you’re a wedding photographer that really wanted to make a great impression when delivering digital photos, then you could have your logo printed on a customized drive and place it inside of a jewelry box.

If there are computers being made without disc drives, then it’s up to the business to maximize their customer base and stay relevant by keeping up with today’s current technology. For quality custom USB duplication, preloading, and printing services then visit the experts at Arcube!

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