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Custom Shape DVD Replication

Standard Custom Shaped DVDs

Arcube offers a wide veriety of custom shaped DVDs. A Shaped DVD is an ordinary DVD that can be customized into virtually any shape. Imagine its shape as your logo, or perhaps a visual representation of your brand. Your unique Shaped DVD becomes a compelling and strategic part of your message. Your message comes alive as a powerful vehicle that consumers see, hear, feel and interact with over and over again.

Specifications for Custom Shaped DVDs

Cutting any DVD will decrease the amount of data – music, audio, video, MB of information, etc. – that the disc can hold. We recommend using the guidelines contained on this site concerning our templates. Arcube is not responsible for cutting through the silkscreen if the artwork on the disc is intentionally or accidentally run through the cut path. We will be happy to look at the artwork file for your custom shaped DVD project.

Why can’t you cut my DVD-R into a Custom Shaped DVD

We have a lot of questions regarding the reason we can’t cut DVDRs in our business card DVD cutting process. To completely answer this question in detail we had to develop an in depth look at the process of DVD replication vs the material used in a DVD-R.

There are a wide variety of templates for custom shaped discs. Please visit our templates page for updated templates.

Want to make your own shaped cut disc?

Custom shaped discs are discs cut to a shape that you determine with our input. There are several considerations to a custom shaped DVD project.

Size: As drive speeds increase, the noise produced by most full-sized custom shaped discs increases as well. We strongly recommend that custom shaped discs be designed to fit within the mini disc ring.

Symmetry: There are two types of custom shaped discs. Asymmetrical and symmetrical. A symmetrical custom shape will not require CAD analysis. Asymmetrical custom shapes will require a 3D CAD analysis to balance the disc, and will require a programming charge.

Time: Symmetrical custom shape DVD artwork templates can usually be generated within hours. Asymmetrical custom shaped DVD artwork templates will require a 1-2 days from receipt of artwork file.

Process Steps for Custom Shaped DVD-ROMs

Step 1. Electronic file is supplied to Arcube. Any custom shaped disc must begin with an electronic file of what the customer would like to see as the face graphic. Data storage requirements for the shaped DVD should also be supplied at this time.

Step 2. Arcube will evaluate the custom shape for manufacturability and balance. Asymmetrical custom shapes will not be evaluated until data storage information is supplied. A $200/attempt charge will be assessed.

Step 3. Arcube will supply a mockup of the custom shaped disc for your approval. This mockup will generally show the face graphic superimposed on the shaped disc as it will be cut. We will try to accommodate any other requirements that you have in generating the custom shaped disc mockup.

Step 4. After approval of the mockup, Arcube will cut sample shaped discs for your approval. If no approval is required we will start working on the order. Asymmetrical custom shapes will require a 3D CAD analysis, and will require a programming charge.

Specifications for Shaped DVDs:
  • Shaped DVD-ROMs must have a minimum of three opposing edges that are the same diameter as a regular DVD.
  • Minimum internal corner radius is 0.0625″.
  • Balance for a custom shaped DVD-ROM is critical, especially in newer high-speed drives. If the center of gravity is significantly off balance, the shaped DVD-ROM will rattle, or may not function at all. Arcube can analyze artwork, and offer suggestions as to placement of artwork, and the final appearance of the custom disc. This is highly recommended.
  • The border (silver area) between the artwork and the edge of the disc will be at least one to two millimeters.
  • Arcube assumes no responsibility for the operation of custom-shaped discs that are submitted without a prior artwork analysis, or produced against CCT’s recommendation.
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