Getting Your Bands Name Out There

28 November, 2014 admin 0 Comment
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As a band just starting out, even if you’re really good, word of mouth alone won’t make you successful. You’re going to need to promote yourself, at least until you get signed. If you’re just getting started, you need to know how to promote yourself. This article will start off being about how to get yourself out there and then get to the best way to promote yourself locally and get you noticed everywhere.

So what are the different ways you can promote yourself? It all depends on what type of promotion you are going for and what’s best for what your band is trying to do. Of course you know that social media is important, YouTube and Facebook have helped a lot of bands to become famous, but how are people going to find out about you? No one is just going to randomly come across your YouTube videos unless they were looking for them. The best way to get people to notice your stuff is to get people to want to advertise for you, such as post links to your videos on their Facebook page. The best advertising that you can do is to have a successful show. People come home from a show they liked and post about it to their friends.

Local advertising goes a long way towards building a fan base. The best way to go about this would be to advertise in as many ways as possible. Advertise in local newspapers and make fliers that blanket your local bars/nightclubs with your name. Something a lot of new bands don’t think of, but can work great, is to give out demo CDs. If you are out there talking to people, you can feel them out and hand out demo CDs so that they will remember you. Everyone likes to get free stuff and they will remember you. Take it a step further and get your demos CDs professionally made with your logo or pictures. It will make you stand out from the crowd and provide something that people are more likely to hold onto.

Advertising is important and when you first start off it can be a lot of work, but doing it right can set you apart from the crowd. You already need to make CDs to sell at your shows, so why not do a small run of demos to give away as well? The cost of CD replication has gone down a lot over the years. I found a great place that does CD replication online at, they even offer a service for custom shaped CDs. So get out there and make yourself known!

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